The flow of time in the silence of the woods

Since ancient Greeks’ time, there was a flourishing and rich land called Enotria Tellus i.e. “Land of Wine”. Today that land is named Calabria, and it still produces wines with unmistakable characteristics thank to the particular natural conditions e.g. the sun exposure, heat and humidity. Once upon a time there was a local doctor, Vittorio Colacino, who apart fromtaking careofhis patients, also enjoyed growingan ancient vineyard. This Vineyard produced a wine known as  “ BRITTO”,  intense with a spicy sour cherry perfume…

From such a passion for  earth and  life, the Colacino Company was founded. The company is nowadays managed by Dr Colacino’schildren: Mauro and Maria Teresa;beyond sharing the same passion for wine inherited from their father, they also introduced a touch of innovation and managerial skillsto the entire production line, firmly determined  to constantly improve an already highlyappreciated product.

In 1975, Mario Soldati , wrote in his famousbook, Vino al Vino alla ricerca dei vini genuinipublishedby Mondadori: “…. visit to Dr. Vittorio Colacino, in the village of Marzi, Savuto fromfour different vintages, from ‘71 to ’74….”“Wines should   be  drunk and understood  where they were born….”   “…Nothingis Savuto, Savuto is only Britto.”

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