By the term “Terroir” we mean something beyond the even broad and complex aspects related to the land on which a vineyard lies. The latter are enriched by the presence of the grape varieties which provide awider meaningthat includesthe human aspectmeantas history, culture, tradition … In Calabria, Terroir gathersthe colors of a kaleidoscopic carousel: even at a few kilometersdistance, the same grape varietytakes on unrepeatable characteristics.

We have no doubt that the 70% of the quality of a wine comes from ourwork in the vineyard; our efforts are mainly focused on reducing the productionper unit area through a strict and accurate selection of the best bunches of grape in their ripening phase.

Our terraced vineyards are very typical, with small stone walls facing the valley where the river Savuto lies at 500 meters above sea level, in a pieceof land nested in  the green and pictpresque Sila area in the municipality of Marzi, Cosenza province (CS).

The autochthonous nature of the Vineyards provides the wines with their distinctive and intense character as an ancient flavours reminder.

Our wines are produced exclusively from autochthonous varieties: Arvino, Greco nero, Nerello cappuccio, Magliocco canino, Mantonico, Greco Bianco, Malvasia bianca and Pecorello.

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